Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ahh it has been such a long time since Imanaged to write anything at all here and I feel very out of touch with all things crafty. Intruth we have both been sick with a recurrent cold and then we went on a trip to Brisbane to visit my mum and friends. Now we are back I am feeling the need to reconnect with the balance that crafting adds to my life.

I have been banging holes in walls left rght and centre this past week, finally putting up some pictures that I have had lying around the place for ages.

I have decided that it is time to make this house of ours feel more like a home and after much deliberation, scouring of magazines and contemplation, I have finally decided on a colour scheme and am making progress towards a more homely home.

The high contrast of the black and the white, the neutrality of the chocolate and the zing of the accent colours of the orange and pink.
We have lots of black and white photo's and we already had a painting using the chocolate and pinks - plus I love that I can add in metallic bits and pieces to give it all some richness.

So I will attempt to get back into the crafting and blogging... next stop - My creative space