Sunday, February 8, 2009

Second hand bookery

There is a certain second hand bookshop in the stunningly named suburb of Fyshwick in Canberra which is presently having a closing down sale - 50% off all of their book. You read right - ALL of their books!

I pop in every now and again and rummage through the shelves to see if there is anything I missed last time. On the weekend I came across these two gems. I love ols sewing books. The McCalls one is from th 60's and the other is from the 70's. The illustrations are just great - if I had a scanner I would scan some in!

But another great thing about them (aside from the old school sewing tips) is some of the fabulous prose - as I come across some gems I'll try and post some here.

Here is a good one:

"The basic fact about clothes is that arm's go in sleeves, coats fasten, skirts start at the waist (wherever they may end) and dresses cover the body from shoulder to hem. Designers can indulge in the wildest flights of fancy, or dip into past decades for inspiration, but one thing remains constant, clothes are still cut out and made up more or less as they have been for centuries".
Dressmaking Made Simple, p6, 1974



Well - that's what Mark christened him. Because he said that it looks like I have attached the head from one toy to another. I made him last week and I think he is pretty cute.

Now I'm working on the next creation... a flowery giraffe who may be named flowers!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fashiony Inspiration for Autumn/Winter

Daydreaming away about the clothes I might like to purchase to keep me warm this winter I'm thinking that the things I may need include:

  • Patterened and Textured Scarves (although I could be opening myself up to being choked by a small child)
  • Ballet flats - but these are a staple anyway. I'm thinking grey wool and purple
  • A black trench coat - I found one in David Jones this morning but I need to wait until I am not pregnant to figure out what size I need
  • Black bootleg trousers - cross between a jean and a dress pant. Chack country road and esprit
  • A dark grey wool blend skirt - country road
  • Do I need a new bag - we'll see - I guess it all depends on small child!
  • tights, tights and more tights
  • Grey dress from country road - hmmn? still deciding - can be dressed up AND worn casual which is a plus.
  • Jeans Jeans Jeans
  • Camel coloured jacket
  • Long sleeve shirts: Red, Purple

I guess it all comes down to what I am NEEDING to wear doesn't it? Because I am only really going to be going to the shops occasionally and perhaps out for coffee/lunch. We dont go out THAT much so I really only need one dress/going out dressing up outfit. So I need mainly casual comfy clothes that make me feel good when I do leave the house. I guess some nicer lounge type house clothes could come in handy too. But I'd have to see what I could find. Lorna jane dance pants are always good for that!