Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fashiony Inspiration for Autumn/Winter

Daydreaming away about the clothes I might like to purchase to keep me warm this winter I'm thinking that the things I may need include:

  • Patterened and Textured Scarves (although I could be opening myself up to being choked by a small child)
  • Ballet flats - but these are a staple anyway. I'm thinking grey wool and purple
  • A black trench coat - I found one in David Jones this morning but I need to wait until I am not pregnant to figure out what size I need
  • Black bootleg trousers - cross between a jean and a dress pant. Chack country road and esprit
  • A dark grey wool blend skirt - country road
  • Do I need a new bag - we'll see - I guess it all depends on small child!
  • tights, tights and more tights
  • Grey dress from country road - hmmn? still deciding - can be dressed up AND worn casual which is a plus.
  • Jeans Jeans Jeans
  • Camel coloured jacket
  • Long sleeve shirts: Red, Purple

I guess it all comes down to what I am NEEDING to wear doesn't it? Because I am only really going to be going to the shops occasionally and perhaps out for coffee/lunch. We dont go out THAT much so I really only need one dress/going out dressing up outfit. So I need mainly casual comfy clothes that make me feel good when I do leave the house. I guess some nicer lounge type house clothes could come in handy too. But I'd have to see what I could find. Lorna jane dance pants are always good for that!