Monday, January 26, 2009


Well I managed to sit down this weekend and make some progress on sewing projects I have on the go.

Mainly just cutting out of pattern pieces BUT I did manage to sew up a prototype of the shorts pattern that I had sitting around. They are cute but they wont fit my boy for a little while. I might try and make a smaller version - looking at the pattern it shouldn't be all that difficult. I need to use a different fabric for the main part of the shorts though - I used a poplin but it is a little bit light on and I really cant see them lasting a rough and tumble boy very well.

I also made some little nappy covers/ pilchers - because really - who likes to go out with their underwear showing! They turned out really well and once he is here and I can try them on him I will most likely make some more. I may try and alter them so they I can add some snaps to make nappy changes easier - or i could just not worry about it!

My least favourite job of the weekend was fixing the massive rip in the dog's bed - oh it was disgustin gto have to put that awful thing near my lovely sewing machine. Now I am desperate to scrub the sewing room/office to get the doggyness out.

I will take some pics tomorrow once I have finished the shorts off with some elastic in the waist band. I wasn't very happy with the pockets - mainly because I found the really difficult to sew on.

The baby's room is also finished (apart from one wall hanging) so I will attempt to take some pics tomorrow of that as well.