Monday, March 23, 2009

New Header

Being Autumn and all that I thought I would get inspired and create a new header for my blog.

Very soon the leaves here will start turning all the amazingly vibrant colours of Autumn; ochre, burnt orange, gold and russet - I am going to try and take lots of pictures outside this Autumn because when we moved here last year it was right at the end and I just didn't quite make it to taking photos in time.

I have a few jobs toget done in the garden this week and that includes a fair bit of pruning of fruit treesand roses, some soil preparation for planting of a few new veggie crops (broccoli and broad beans, possibly a cabbage and a cauliflower - we'll see) and I am contemplating popping some bulbs in to see what we end up with. Jonquils are my favourite flower ( They have the most georgous perfume) and I am tempted to fill the garden beds out the front of our house with Jonquil bulbs right along the edge of the bed so that I might possibly have jonquils this spring by the bucket load.

Now I have to go and research Broad beans .....