Thursday, April 2, 2009

Trip to Cockington Green

Cockington green is a tourist attraction in Canberra, where they have created a world of miniture houses and replicas of england and other buildings from countries around the world.
The minitures were cute and very well done but the gardens were just stunning.

A great place to take the kids as they have good play equipment.

We went as my mum was in town and she wanted to see it - I'mnot sure I will go again until I have kids big enough to enjoy it more thoroughly.

was a nice way to spend the afternoon though.

Cockinton green is located in the Gold Creek village where there are numerous other boutique shops and cafes to browse through and enjoy a nice morning or afternoon out.

If you do go, i thoroughly recommend Cafe Injoy at the top end of the main street - best cafe I have been to in Canberra.

There is also a lovely little quilting shop next door called Calico Patch, and a scapbooking shop next door to that. Enough to keep any crafter happy for a few hours.


LINDSAY said...

those gardens are breathtaking! lucky you :)