Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weekend All Sewn Up

I have had quite a productive weekend - I have cut out the skirt that I am going to make (most likely over easter), I have cut out a tunic top that is in the Anna Maria Horner "Seams to me" book, and I have sewn up an apron that was in a past issue of Get creative magazine.

When I locate my camera again (I think (Hope) it is in the car), I will take a picture of it. I made it using this georgous lingerie fabric that I bought a while back just because I loved it.

I like attempting these types of patterns because it helps me to learn new sewing skills (like setting in a skirt to the waist band) and increases my sewing confidence. My next skill that I really need to learn is inserting a zip - and I have a project in mind for that.

So, back to the Apron.

I do like how it turned out - although there are a few small things that I would probably change were I to make it again.

I think I would do the neck strap in a different style or at least make it longer - in fact I may still do that to this one.

The other thing I would do is make the skirt part wider so that is went around more of my body., and probably shorten it so that it ended just under my knees. I don't mind it how it is now, but these things would make it better I think.

For some reason I have a really strong urge to make every single apron pattern that I come accross. I might do that just for fun. I really should wear an apron when I am doing things at home because I constantly wipe my hands on my clothes when I am in the kitchen or eating.

Spotlight (fabric store) is having a clearance sale this week so I am going to go tomorrow and get some fabrics that caught my eye last week.