Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Aprony goodness and projects

I have a few little projects underway at the moment - mainly for small family christmas gifts which I hope to get all the cutting out done for by the end of today. I just love the colour combination of the fabrics I have chosen for them and I will definitely take some pics and share.

I think these small sewing projects are good for me to develop my skills and learn new techniques.

I also bought a magazine the other week which had a rather cute apron pattern in it and I have been on the look out for some material that would suit the purpose nicely. This morning I found some georgous girly and fun lingerie inspired fabric in black, red and white and I thought combined with some red polka dots it could be quite fun - so I am going to have a go with that.

31 and a half weeks along and after buying it last week and looking at it nervously in the cupboard all week I have bitten the bullet and tried the rasberry leaf tea. Supposedly it is a uterine tonic and can assist with a more smooth labour. They (being experts I assume) recommend building up to 4 cups per day by the 40 week point so I will start with one per day for the next two weeks and go from there.

I really don't want my little one surprising me before new years!