Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Christmas Tree

I would love to be able to post about all the lovely things I have made for christmas tree decoration - but alas - our decorations haven't even made it out of their boxes in the closet this year. Not very christmassy of me you may say! But the thing is - we don't even have a tree!

Just a few pretty lights on the front windows.

And a present corner where a tree might go if we had one.

Unfortunately with everything that has been going on a christmas tree just wasn't high on our priority list this year.

So next year I plan on going all out with some handmade ornaments and house decorations and making things really christmassy.

for now... we will have to do with just the lights and the christmas present corner.


Em said...

I remember the first year my hubby and I lived together. We had a small topiary tree that had died (and was still in it's pot) so I spray painted it red and hung ornaments on it! teehee the things we do at Xmas!

Andrea said...

I know - i had planned to go out and find a nicely shaped stick/fallen branch and paint it silver - but even that idea fell through. It's ok though - I may yet decorate the fireplace. LOL.