Monday, December 22, 2008

What next?

My next couple of projects for after christmas. It is time to move onto basic clothes!

I also want to try my hand at creating a few softies for the baby - my mum always made me soft toys and they were the ones I treasured (and trashed) the most. It is kind of cute actually - I had a small soft cat toy that I dragged with me everywhere (and I mean everywhere - it was my cuddle rug). Inevitably they would get tatty and start to fall apart. then miraculaously, a brand new one would appear overnight and I never knew any different for years. Until my mum ran out of her stash of that particular material. Hmmn...

I want to have a go at making a mobile from felt animals but I haven't quite got my head around that one just yet. I have a few ideas I am toying with but I am not really sure.

I have noticed quite a few lists of monthly goals and projects/focus points poppingup around the blogging world and I quite like the idea of this - but I do need to have a bit of a think about it a bit more first.

I do have Project january though - master the art of machine applique, making shorts for small boys and aprons - as above!